STEM skills

How STEM Skills Gap is Costing UK £1.5 Billion a year?

Whether you are looking to fill traditional technology roles or roles straddling the entire gamut of cutting-edge digital technologies such as blockchain, data science, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, the importance of STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) cannot be over emphasized. The UK is no exception. However, the shortage of STEM skills to fill these roles has become one of the most defining problems in the UK today. According to the Cybersecurity Skills and the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) report from the Parliament’s Joint Committee on National Security Strategy the gap between demand and supply of such skills …
UK Fintech sector

UK FinTech Sector – Innovative Recruitment Strategies

UK is by far Europe’s biggest FinTech hub employing ~76,500 people (as of April 2018). It is widely believed that the sector will employ more than a 100,000 people by 2030, creating 30,000 new jobs according to an estimate by Innovate Finance, the independent membership association representing UK’s global FinTech community. Going by the present growth, UK could be home to more than 3,300 FinTech companies by 2030, doubling from its current levels today. An estimate done by HM Treasury, Innovate Finance and EY FinTech puts the total number of FinTechs operating out of the UK at 1,600 (as of …

For Cyber Security Specialists which UK cities are most attractive?

For any recruitment practitioner, information and insights pertaining to the attractiveness of a location for a group of skills can be beneficial in ways more than one. In fact, for a targeted go-to-market strategy, comparing and analyzing the suitability of established as well as upcoming locations can help in informed decision making. In the UK, the City of London is an obvious choice for both companies advertising for technology jobs as well as candidates who are looking for suitable openings. In particular, London is the hub of activity for Cybersecurity professionals and jobs. However, other emerging hubs have also drawn …
Brexit Impact

How will Brexit Impact Tech Hiring in the UK?

While UK businesses continue to grapple with shortage of technology professionals, a lot of attention has already been drawn to what the future holds – particularly after the formal exit of the UK from the European Union, scheduled on March 29, 2019. That the Government and the businesses are worried about this eventual reality is just an understatement – the impact is expected to be far-reaching than what was anticipated. Even though the opinion is divided on the perceived benefits of the separation, one thing is certain – restrictions on the movement of people within the EU is going to …

Behavioral Assessment in Cybersecurity Recruitment

Cyber vulnerability is a reality – despite spiraling spend on Cybersecurity and related services, attacks continue unabated. While spending on technology is just one of the pillars of an organization’s preparedness, the importance of hiring the right set of Cybersecurity talent cannot be overemphasized. We take a close look at the changing face of Cybersecurity recruitment programs in which recruiters are looking to assess candidates not only on their technology skills but also their ‘Behavioral Skills’ such as cognitive capabilities, traits, motivation and interests

Security Automation a Boon for Talent Acquisition Teams?

Has your Cybersecurity team maxed out in terms of utilization? Are you facing challenges when it comes to hiring additional Cybersecurity talent? If your answers are in the affirmative, Automation can lend you a helping hand. Learn how Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) leverages Cognitive Technologies to help achieve cost savings by reducing manual intervention and unlocking the value of investments in people and security product suites.