Creating digital teams globally

We believe in the digital disruption! Internet, Mobile, IoT, is changing the way we live our lives. We consume products and services differently; we interact with each other differently; we work differently. Companies across different industries have adapted to provide different product, services, and experiences to the consumers via the digital medium. Companies are also working towards improving their internal operations using digital tools.

Our digital division helps our clients acquire top talent that can help them adapt, improve and think differently to embrace the digital, mobility and IoT world. Our have access to a wide network of candidates through referrals and our own market intelligence and access thought leadership from within the digital community and that gives us a deeper understand of the space allowing us to bring sales, marketing and technical talent to Digital companies across the world.

We partner with our clients to create digital teams globally with individual talent placement, contractor’s management as well as implementing staffing solutions for digital Divisions. Our specialist Digital Teams focusses on providing roles to professionals across different industries in the digital space.

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Hiring Digital Transformation Consultants for a Global IT Firm Across US

Digital Practice

Multi -Specialist talent management company

Specialise in recruitment solutions Digital, Creative and Mobile sectors


Big changes create big ripples across usual working processes. We adapt and work with you, in addition to advising on new workflows in relation to hiring process.

Forward thinking​

Always looking into the future, we keep you in the loop as to hiring trends and make you aware of the best professionals who will be entering the market.


Your success is ours; we back your company 100% to candidates and ensure you’re being represented into the market place the way you want to be as a business.

Cultural Fit

Driving change is about more than just technology; it’s about people – and we make sure to find professionals who share your vision.

Future Proof

We ensure your business stands the test of time, by providing the best people to scale up.

Specific skills:

  • User Experience
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Transformation
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Front End and Back end technologies