MS Azure/Cloud Talent Intelligence UK

MS Azure or Cloud Talent Intelligence UK
Recent research shows that enterprise cloud adoption has accelerated in the face of the Covid Pandemic and looks set to continue into the near future. IT leaders are looking to broadbase their cloud spending in two key areas: 
  1. Migration from on-premise to cloud-based applications – A large section of the businesses belonging to the Financial Services, IT, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail are able to deliver critical services due to timely investments in cloud technologies. 
  2. Digital business transformation efforts – There has been a surge in cloud infrastructure sign-ups and usage during the lockdown period (March – June). According to a study, 38% of the businesses surveyed, have scaled up their cloud-based efforts to quicken their digital transformation journeys.  
In our latest report ‘Microsoft Azure, Talent Intelligence UK’ we have delved into Microsoft Azure’s certification framework, the key roles that are witnessing spikes in demand, trends in talent demand. We also look briefly into how the overall business strategy of Azure in terms of alliances and partnerships impacting the demand for certified/experienced talent. For example some customers are looking for cross-functional experience in Salesforce, SAP and Oracle apart from the usual Azure skills. Microsoft’s talent skilling programs such as Azure Skills Initiative, Microsoft Professional Program and Microsoft Apprentice Program are all aimed at decreasing the demand-supply mismatch in the UK and other key geographies. Much of the demand for Azure professionals also comes from the fact that Microsoft is going to the market in the UK pursuing digital business opportunities worth US$55bn. Finally, we look into the jobs data and Azure salaries across Admin, Developer, Architect, DevOps and other critical roles.  
While we keep tracking the interesting developments in the overall cloud talent space in the UK, we are going to focus more on Microsoft Azure in the coming months. We sincerely hope that you find our report useful.