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The global Engineering R&D spending is poised to top US$1.7 trillion in the next 3-4 years, led by the automobile, pharma, and software & internet-enabled sectors – together these sectors account for 45% of the total global spend. US enterprises – Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, Cisco, and Facebook are the top Engineering R&D spenders globally. US alone accounted for 58% of the total global spend. The market movements will create and facilitate opportunities for the Big Tech firms and Independent Software Vendors – global spend in this market stood at US$117bn. However, the expansion in engineering-led product development and related services will also need the requisite talent to add business value.

In this report we bring out the employment and staffing trends in the US Engineering R&D market, the demand for and projected supply of talent and the shortfall expected in the market. We also take a look at the salaries of Science & Engineering talent in the US and the demand for talent across major Science & Engineering hubs in the US.

Understanding of talent needs is not complete without a study of skills landscape which forms an important part of our research. We have mapped each component/stage within the software product engineering and embedded systems engineering value chains with the most common roles that companies are hiring for.

You will also have an opportunity to have a closer look at the service provider landscape across segments – Large global players, mid-market and emerging providers. We have built detailed profiles of 10 Tier 1 players with presence across the globe having a strong portfolio of Product Engineering services, their talent strategies and best practices.