Avance Consulting is a global organisation focused on delivering talent solution services to some of the most renowned companies in the world, across industries. Avance has now become a leading recruitment provider in the areas of Information Technology, Digital, Executive Search and Engineering Services.

Our current focus are the markets of UK, Europe, and North America. We have been successful in all these markets by having professionals who have deep understanding of the trends in the local markets. This enables us to deliver our services reliably and with speed.

Our strong partnerships and deep relationships with our clients, have helped us develop a good understanding of our client’s cultures and their business goals. This helps us identify and pre-screen candidates that are fit well not only in the job but also fit into the organization culturally.

Committed To Excellence

Our core team includes creative business entrepreneurs and innovators, which has led to Avance becoming a global leader. Each of our consultants uniquely understands the domain and the local market that she works in. Our firm’s growth and our client’s trust is based on this unique combination that each of our consultants is trained on – understanding our client’s culture and understand the local talent trends.

Our clients choose us as their principal partner for all their talent acquisition needs as deliver our services with speed reliably, across the globe. Currently we are engaged to work with nearly a third of Fortune 500 and top 100 technology companies globally. Our experiences of working with the diverse set of firms globally has helped us build deep pockets of knowledge of local talent markets and industry trends and practices.

With flexibility and agility at the core of our delivery capabilities, we tailor make our services & solutions to you. This allows us to work with numerous industries of varying scale across the globe, with the same standard that our clients have come to expect.

We have been committed to help offer high quality service to all candidates too. We build a relationship that is based on honesty and mutual trust. The candidates that we work with recognise that we are pro-active on our candidate’s behalf, believing that we owe it to them to do our very best to find them the best role.

We look to performance first, both as an enabler for success and as a foundation to which a company can build a dedicated, satisfied and committed work-force.

We apply our expert industry knowledge across the globe to a local situations that helps our teams to produce the results you need.

We train our consultants to understand the industry and build strong connects with the successful professionals in that industry.

Our investment in technology takes care of the rest, enabling our consultants to be efficient. That helps us deliver speed and reliability in all our engagements.

Build high performance teams ; shaping the future

Cornerstones of Avance


We pride ourselves on always acting with the highest levels of integrity on both the client’s and candidate’s behalf. We realise, we represent your brand and your business through the search process.

The Power of Search

Efficient, refined and focused search and screening techniques ensure we deliver on all fronts. We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards, so we can provide the high quality resource solutions you need.


The fluidity of the future requires an approach which can adapt and perform simultaneously. We are agile, informed and strategic at core; we naturally create solutions where others see blockades.


We are proud to place diversity centre stage at Avance, and we continue our on-going efforts to bring balance to the global workplace.

A High Performance Future

Many factors lead to success; however we firmly believe that a high performance culture is the catalyst. We look to performance first, both as an enabler for success and as a foundation to which a company can build a dedicated, satisfied and committed work-force.